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How to become an Android Developer

Hey everybody in this article we are mainly focussing upon how one can Become a Full Stack ANDROID Developer.

How to become an Android Developer | Step by Step | Freelancing and Placement

So basically we are taking together all those students also which have right now entered in the first year of the college and are willing to learn ANDROID DEVELOPING, in this blog I will explain you in the easiest and the effective way so that you can not only grab your JOB in the final year but also learn ANDROID and grab the internship in the third year.

We have described each and everything in step by step manner so that you could work accordingly. So without wasting too much time we must jump to our main GOAL.

Finally, the keys to ANDROID DEVELOPMENT are as follows.


If we talk about prerequisites we main need a laptop or a PC with the operating system Mac/Windows/Linux with RAM 4GB (or more) and an ANDROID phone many of you would say now that we get the virtual ANDROID phone in the ANDROID studio itself.

But my friend obviously you get an ANDROID phone on the laptop but for the further amendments and clear testing of your ANDROID APP, you definitely need an ANDROID phone.


Yes, sir, we got an ANDROID phone and a laptop what next from where should we start now. To build an ANDROID app we firstly need a language in which we are basically creating the whole logic and the whole app.

We’ve got three options to choose for the language – JAVA / FLUTTER / KOTLIN.

Now one more dilemma, don’t worry I’ll tell you all the pros and cons of all the three languages.


If you choose FLUTTER you can design both ANDROID and iOS apps too so you may be thinking that this one is better, obviously, this one is the better options and the beneficial and advantageous too but we are going to choose in between JAVA or KOTLIN why?? Because these languages (JAVA or KOTLIN) are basically the native languages which makes them faster.


KOTLIN is recently been launched in the market this one is not only native language but also the easy one to learn. But the main difference we have between JAVA and the KOTLIN is, KOTLIN does not make your core knowledge strong as compared to JAVA.


I personally recommend all of you guys to learn JAVA because the language itself is the native and fast and the developers of JAVA are more as compared to KOTLIN or FLUTTER so that if you stuck anywhere you could get the help and the solutions easily.

Besides that while learning JAVA some more benefits of this language is that while placements company’s main focus is on three things LANGUAGE (C++ or JAVA), Data structure and algorithms, so if you are going to learn JAVA for ANDROID DEVELOPMENT not only you are learning ANDROID but also you are preparing for your placements. This language helps you in making GUI and also you can work on backend with JAVA not only this, this language strengthens your core knowledge.


From where should you learn ANDROID developing basically ANDROID have their proper documentation on ANDROID but that one is kind of not too much interesting because you just have to read and read everything. There are many books too for ANDROID development but it will take more time for you to learn.

So I recommend you must learn from the video lectures are the best for learning anything because they not only teach you a particular thing but also they show you practically everything.

What is the maximum time it takes to learn ANDROID development from books??

The maximum time it takes about 100 hours.

What is the maximum time it takes to learn ANDROID development from video lecture??

The maximum time it will take is roughly about 20 hours or less.

From the book or from video lecture you are not going to be the best you have just learnt a little part of ANDROID and the furthermore you are going to learn is when you are developing your own app.

Creating your own app is also not enough you have to use each and every functionality of the phone in your app so that you could have perfect command over all of them.


1.) Microphone

2.) Video player

3.) Map view

4.) Image

5.) Database (MySQL, MySQL Lite) (Firebase ,Mongo DB)

6.) Different API’s.


For earning methods if we talk about the minimum amount you are going to get is 3.5L if you have followed each and every step of mine, and the maximum there is no limit because there are many ways through which you could earn by implementing your knowledge and playing smartly.

Some of the ways are as follow:

  • Play store
  • Start-ups
  • Jobs (4 L-20 L)
  • Freelancing 

**Comment down below how much have you liked this post and what are your ideas and what do you think about becoming an Android Developer.

Thank you very much for reading.

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