The Future of Podcasting : Everyone Should Know

future of podcasting

The Audio Concept is somehow new for Users. Popularity of Podcasts increased rapidly in Lockdown Period. Last year in 2020, Amazon announced its acquisition of Wondery, a podcasting Company. Also Spotify has also been acquiring multiple podcasts Start-ups over the last 2 years. We can say that Future of Podcasting is so bright that these big Companies investing in them. The Pandemic has forced people to stay at home. This increased their Screen time on streaming platforms.

Some of the Current Podcasting Statistics:

1) There are approx 700,000 active podcasts and 29 million podcast episodes available.

2) Only Spotify has 1 billion+ downloads on Google Play Store.

3) Most popular age group for podcasts listeners is 25-44 which make up 49% of listeners.

4) Spotify is now the world’s most popular podcast app, closely followed by Apple Podcast app.

5) Over 55% population of US have listened to a podcast.

Rising Of Podcasting-

Majority of peoples in India have listened Radio in earlier days. And the pace of listening it was on next level. And Now its time to take it one step further. So when Pandemic arrives last year, the Screen time of users increased as they have to stay at home whole day. Live Broadcasting of Interviews, debates and Podcasting events saw growth over the past few years and specially in 2020. The Future of Podcasting will be brighter and it is making sense by seeing the continuous growth in this field.

Podcast Opportunity-

Amazon’s acquisition of Wondery has been lauded by the Stakeholders of the podcast ecosystem in India. According to CEO of Kuku FM, the global interest in podcasting is apparent from Spotify’s increasing acquisition of Podcasts platforms. The Future of podcasting format is that it offers endless variety and options. Giving listeners a large variety of content to choose from ( typically updated every week or sometimes daily) keeps them engaged over a longer period. Podcasts is the field that can give you a full time career with lots of experiences.


Along with the variety in podcast content, the listeners are also expanding on a rapid scale. Every age group peoples are liking the new trend of podcasting. The future of podcasting will be very bright as it comes recently and had greater impact on peoples.

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