5 Tips Will Help You Find a Job

tips to find job

1. Configure your intentions

But before you start hunting down work, take a few minutes to set your plans for job-searching. Ask yourself: What are my priorities for my career? What do I look for in a job? A corporation? When you look for work, write down a few keywords or phrases and keep these in mind.

It’s easy to get caught in a hurried panic when you’re searching for a job quickly. This can, however, cause you to waste time by applying for jobs that are not suitable. Having your quest centered and your intentions at the forefront of your mind is best.

2. Perfecting your CV

You need to spruce up your resume before you apply for a position. This paper is your secret to getting you noticed by a company, so it needs to shine.

So you need not only a good resume, but you need to write for the bots as well. A few tips for making ATS-friendly your resume include:

Avoid graphics, maps, pictures, or funky symbols. The ATS has trouble translating them.

Optimize your resume with particular keywords specific to the work. These are the phrases most commonly used in the job descriptions (and related ones).

Save your CV as a Word document, not a PDF file. Word documents appear to be friendlier to ATS.

3. Get a tap on your network

Tapping into your network is one of the easiest ways to find a job quickly, and that means being involved on LinkedIn. Share blogs, comment on posts from others, even join a group on LinkedIn to chat with other professionals. By scrolling down to your LinkedIn profile dashboard and updating your “Career Interests” section, you can also connect with recruiters and let them know you’re interested in work.

By reaching out to former teachers, classmates, co-workers, and mentors and seeing if they know of any openings for you to take advantage of, you can also network the’ old-fashioned’ way.

4. Set up reminders for job-searching

Searching is, well, one of the most time-consuming elements of the job search process. Scrolling through work boards makes it easy to waste hours and hours… and hours. The postings tend to look the same after a while. Heck, several of them are similar.

Find two or three work boards you like and trust, and sign up for regular job updates, if you want to simplify this part of the process and save some time. Then, every day, you will receive a dispatch of new posts directly to your inbox. This will save time and stop you from scrolling every day through the same listings.

5. Interviewing Procedure

Keep positive and plan for interviews while you apply for work. Then, you’ll be prepared when the time comes for a phone screen or an in-person interview.

To help you practise, here are a few tips:

Hire the support of a coach for professional interviews. Such coaches understand what interviewers are looking for.

Don’t turn down work interviews, even though you don’t think you are interested in a role anymore. Yeah, you can feel anxious and sweaty with work interviews, but the more you do them, the more your faith will soar.

Review the types of work interviews that are normal. Yeah, various interviewing styles are used by businesses.

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