5 Applications that will Stop you from Procrastinating Things

stop Procrastinating Things

Procrastination is a pitfall in which many people fall. Procrastination often involves ignoring an essential task in favor of our laziness. Procrastination can make us feel ashamed and cause anxiety. It can lead to reduced output and cause us to miss out on accomplishing our objectives. Some apps are specifically designed to counter this problem. 

1. Focus@Will

Focus@Will is a subscription-based service that uses neuroscience-inspired playlists of instrumental music designed to enhance users’ productivity. If you work in a distracting open-plan department, the app’s soothing music drowns out the intrusions so you can focus on your job. 


Group projects can be troublesome. Sometimes our performance decreases due to lesser efforts when we work in groups. This app keeps everyone in agreement: you can write a project to-do list, set reminders for group members, and create and save notes that immediately save to everyone’s devices.  

Simple Habit:

It is a tailor-made app to counter procrastination anxiety. It offers many personalized sessions for improving focus and overcoming anxiety. During a long desk session, you can tap into Simple Habit and center your thoughts. 


The app helps you arrange your thoughts and help the mind relax. With the help of this app, you can organize and interconnect related ideas so that you don’t need to worry about the clutters of to-do lists and reminders. 


Sometimes we continuously delay our work due to simply surfing over the net without any purpose at all. This app locks you out of your attention-seeking a site for a set amount of time so you can be productive. 

stop Procrastinating Things

Your 5 minutes Instagram break could possibly turn into an hour-long waste of time. We all need productivity from time to time. So these apps are recommended which can turn out to be a boon if you use them to manage your time and be productive. 

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