10 Ideas to Start a YouTube channel Without Showing Face


Hey guys, In this busy world if we have to take some information about anything then YouTube is the second-best platform after Google. And also if you search How to earn money online then YouTube is the best legit way to earn money online. But the main problem is that peoples have not ideas to start a YouTube channel. And somehow for some peoples, the main problem is about showing their face. They feel shy to show their face to audiences. But if I say that you can earn lakhs of money from YouTube without showing your face then will you believe me? Today I will tell you 10 YouTube channel ideas that you can start without showing your face.

1. Book Summary:-

If you have an interest in reading books and if you can summarize the whole book in your own language then this idea is for you. You can make a summary video for that book and then you can upload it to YouTube. Because the majority of books loving people wants to read the Books but they don’t have enough time to read books. So you can help them and also you can earn money by monetizing your YouTube channel.

2. Business Case Study:-

Many peoples have started their business journey from zero and now they are doing very well in their life. You can make a case study on these successful businesses. Many channels on YouTube makes this type of Video.

3. Motivational Stories:-

Many legends were born in India. You can make a short story type of video about their life and the value they provided to the Nation. You can download photos and can give Voiceover to make such type of videos. Also, you can use White Board Animation videos to make these types of videos. This type of YouTube video gets millions of views if your audio quality is excellent.

4. Famous Quotes Explanation:-

This category is somehow related to the motivational stories category. Many famous peoples like Steve Jobs, Swami Vivekananda, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam have said brilliant quotes about life. You can explain those quotes and represent them as Video. Also, you have to do a small research about their quotes. India’s Best Motivational Speaker Sandeep Maheswari had launched a playlist on his YouTube channel in which he explains Quotes in very simple language.

5. Hindi Animated Stories:-

If you have knowledge about Animations then you can make Animated Stories for YouTube. As you have seen that many children spent their time watching cartoons. So they took interest in watching these types of animated stories. This type of YouTube video gets millions of views in a few days.

6. Kids Education:-

After Corona, everyone had to adopt online learning platforms. So in this period, many education channels grow from zero to top. You can start a kid’s YouTube channel in which you can teach small kids about Animals, Plants, Colours Name or whatever you want. And if you have graphics or animation skills then you can grow your channel in a few days because kids love animated-type videos.

7. GK Updates:-

This idea is also related to the Online Study. As the situation is not so favorable that Coaching Institutes can reopen. You can make videos on Current GK to help aspiring students. Also, you can make videos on previously asked questions. You can easily make such videos from your phone without showing your face.

8. Free Stock Footages:-

As many of you like Clicking Pictures, taking Cinematic shots. You can turn this passion into earning money from YouTube. You have to take Cinematic Shots of the place that you visit. Simply you can edit them and can add Copyright-Free Music to them so that it becomes more attractive. And when your channel reaches a satisfaction level then you can also sell a premium pack for your footages.

9. Regional News Channel:-

As you have heard that News Channels grow rapidly because they put trending videos and everyone has the curiosity to know about trending news. So a question arises in your mind that everyone is doing it then how can we grow? You can make a YouTube channel on regional news in which you can put news related to your area so that you can get traffic from your area.

10. Cooking Channel:-

If you are a housewife and you want to earn money online then this is the best legit way to earn money. All you have to do is that you have to make videos and tell the making process of your food. You can simply record it once and can give a voiceover to it after making food. These type of YouTube videos also gets millions of views.


The main point to be remembered is that you have to do a lot of hard work to earn money online and once you do then the outputs will amaze you. Everyone starts their journey from the bottom and it is only the hard work that takes them to the top. There is not any hard and fast rule for success. Simply give your 100% and god gives you back 1000% of your efforts.

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