What is the importance of HTTP or HTTPS? And Why do we Need a Secure Site?

What is the importance of HTTP or HTTPS

Google, in 2018, was showing the ‘Your connection is not private’ error to Chrome users when they clicked on a non-HTTPS website and gave reason for this as the risk of losing traffic. 

Difference between HTTP & HTTPS 

HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is an application-layer protocol that receives information from the web, started to secure transactions over the web. Commonly, it displays information to the web searcher. It means, without a secure connection, any network that is between the source and the destination host can change what the destination host gets. 

So, this additional layer of HTTPS uses a more secure way to transmit or transport the data, known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). 

Why to Switch to HTTPS 

When you’re spending time enjoying, laughing at TikTok videos, HTTP is fine. But, if you’re accessing your bank account or plugging in your credit card info on a checkout page, your data is at risk. There HTTPS provides the security of your visitors and network together. Hence, there are more than 50% websites worldwide, using HTTPS already. 

Few Benefits of Switching to HTTPS: 

  • Search Rankings Improved 
  • User Experience Becomes Better 
  • Protect Your Users’ Data and Information 
  • Secure Lock Icon given 
  • Implementing AMP has to have HTTPS  
  • Data get corrected in Google Analytics 
  • HTTP sites are not supported nowadays 

The Process of Switching to HTTPS from HTTP 

Following steps, you need to take to convert your site to HTTPS: 

  • Find and purchase an SSL certificate 
  • Install the SSL certificate on the website’s hosting account 
  • Update the domain to HTTPS 
  • Redirect all pages from HTTP to HTTPS 
  • Sitemap updating 
  • Update the robots.txt 
  • Update the settings in Google Analytics 
  • Test it now 

Making a switch from HTTP to HTTPS is always worth the investment and time to protect the data and information of your users. To switch the site to HTTPS, you need to contact your hosting company. 

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