Is Facebook using “The 10 years challenge” for their algorithm?

Hey, friends now we are talking about what is the 10-year challenge, can Facebook its use for its algorithm.
On these day’s 16 million posts on the tag name of “#10year challenge” and 60k post on tag name of “#grow up”. Facebook use these photo to it’s the algorithm to using artificial intelligence to know about its user’ past how they are before 10 years ago and using of artificial intelligence they know their age, backgrounders, what’s status before 10 years ago and what now they are.

What is record of Facebook on data leak.

facebook sale there user’s data to it’s on the profile. facebook send data to Cambridge analytica to interfere in elections in some big country like India, USA and more. facebook use their user data to on its benefit.

How these data work in elections.

facebook collect all the information from user like age, gender, country, and  religion.and after some time they attract  voter to a political party.

How these data use in USA .

Facebook provide all the data to Cambridge analytica and they work on it .

What is use of “10 year challenge” data.

Many of insurance companies what these data to predict  there age ,what is growth rate of human and what is decline rate.

Don’t share your personal information on social 

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