iPhone Devices are in Real Danger of System Crash

text bomb in iphone

People who are using the iPhone services are in great danger of system crash as a text bomb is damaging the system. 

Strings of texts that cause iPhones and iOS devices to crash isn’t a new problem, but a new one has appeared in 2020. After several bugs annoyed iOS users in the last decade, a unique string of text using Sindhi characters, when sent to an iOS device in a notification, it causes the device to freeze, requiring a hard reset to return it to normal. 

About the bug:- 

Whereas a few prior text bugs were spread mainly through the Messages app, as detailed in a Twitter video by popular YouTuber EverythingApplePro, this bug can take down an iOS device by just being sent a notification with the particular characters inside.  

As he demonstrated the effects of the bug in his video, EverythingApplePro says that posting the text on Twitter inadvertently took down “several hundred peoples’ phones,” showing its reach beyond messaging apps. 


As per an update, a patch has already been rolled out to devices running the latest iOS 13.4.5 beta. It reveals that Apple is aware of the issue, and a fix for other devices may be on the way soon. So far, not known how and where this text originated. It shared across platforms including iMessage, Twitter, and more. The report links it to a Telegram group. Incidentally, a tweet by EverythingApplePro shows that the Italian flag emoji is not a must in this text bomb. Apple devices are crashing even when the message includes just the Sindhi language characters. 

A temporary fix, as per the report, is to disable notifications on the Apple device. If you are wondering what to do in case you receive the notification? “Thankfully, if you do receive a message with the text string in it, you can reboot your device, and things should be back to normal,” says the report.  

Previous Bug:- 

To recall, back a similar kind of bug affected Apple devices in 2018. It found that a Telugu language character corrupted iPhones if it received in a message, in a document, or pasted into a text field. If users got the particular character in a notification on the handset, it could block the iPhone’s entire Springboard (the system software that manages the Home). Apple issued a fix for the same within hours.

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