How to stay Anonymous on Internet

Hey, friend’s Today we are talking about how we stay Anonymous online on surfing the different website, blogs and other things. On these time every company needs our data to his profit and increasing her sale. When we surfing internet most of the time some of the company tracks our data and use for there profit .some of social platforms  sale your data for example whenever you post on your account of social media about your place, hotel where you stay and these social platforms send your data to  criminal for a little amount of money.

What is Anonymous ?

We say anonymously that person who has no identity, on the language of the computer who have no IP address.No one trace your data and you.the synonym of anonymous is nameless, incognito, unidentified, unknown, unspecified. 

Be Anonymous with the Help of Tor Browser

Tor is onion root browser that feels you to anonymous. It’s work like that when we open onion step by step and repeating the same step. This browser helps you to anonymous on the internet.

How Tor Browser Works?

Tor is onion root browser by its name you see that tor makes a set of IP address from VPN network which is impossible to trace you at the internet and tor is works with the deep or dark web which is used to illegal work.

Download tor browser from here:-

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