Facebook users continue to grow despite privacy scandals

Facebook users have continued to hike up in numbers despite various flaws and knocking down due to their data privacy scandals & criticism over its attempt to spring out toxic content.
Many social media geeks said that the number of users who used to login to their site has jumped 9% last year to 2.32 billion people.
The growth came despite campaigns which make people to persistently avoid the tech giants.
Founder Mark Zuckerberg in his words states that “Fundamentally changed how we run the company to focus on the biggest social issues.”

The well-maintained financial performance comes amid continuing concerns over how the firms will deal with the problem of ensuring of private data and condemn its leaks after the CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA DATA SHARING SCANDAL and fears the web of the network has been used as a weapon for a political tool.

@ Facebook paid teenagers to mine data od devices.
@ Facebook ‘less popular with UK children’.
The company shares value has depreciated almost a third of their value since July when it is warned about slowing revenue growth and they remain near a two-year low.

But the boost up to 9% in after-hours trading after profit and revenue beat analyst

After such crisis only time will tell time will Marks’ attempt revolutionise facebook further will pay off, But these result still has a long way to stand upon the trust of Wall Street-analyst had been nervous after uproaring 2018 which included the trials and tribulations of the Cambridge Analytic scandal and a reset on strategy.

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