21% computers & phones infected with malware

India ranked 15th among 60 countries for the worst cybersecurity with over 25% of its phones and 21% of its computers infected with malware. The study conducted by Comparitech judged countries on the basis of malware attacks, cyber-attack preparedness and most up to date cybersecurity-related legislation.

India scored about 39% in its overall score, though both Pakistan and China are worse off in cyber-security. About 25.25% of Indian phones and 21.8% of computers are infected with malware.

The study found Japan to be the most cyber-secure country in the world. It scored incredibly low across the majority of categories, only scoring a little higher in the preparation for cyber- attacks and legislation categories. Only 1.34% of its phone and about 8% of its computers are susceptible to malware attacks.

Source:- Times Of India

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