Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University is really a highly growing and well-furnished university. Its campus is very lively and vast with students from various states and even countries.



The campus is well provided with a lot of options for food and fun outlets. They are a lot of food outlets inside the campus that includes all cuisines. Not only on the campus but also inside the hostels there numerous options for food.

Hostels are provided with both veg and non-veg outlets. There is a special canteen for the student basic needs.


The hostel is provided with both hostel food and food outlets. We will discuss hostel food later. But there are numerous facilities that include gyms and laundry.


The university is among the top for filling the most patents. It has a separate department for patents, thus it guides you for filing your ideas into patents and then into reality.


Sports is also appreciated inside the university, there are lots of different sports played inside the university campus ground and separate sports area.  Both owned by the university of course.


The most important highlight of the university is that lots of events are being hosted by the university that includes Tashan night where you get to see your favorite singers performing live.



The hostel food is not the first choice you will prefer for eating. Though the hostel food comes with proper nutrition and a complete diet. But the taste is not that good. But you got many outlets to kill hunger.


The fee structure is really strict and causes it is private so all the facilities provided. The fee paid under delay is paid with a charge of 500 per day.

All these details are true to skin and do not provided with any intention to hurt any people, person or organisation.

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