Features removed from the Google My Business App

google my business app

The company (Google My Business App) is taking steps to remove some features from the app due to COVID-19.

The company statement:-

“During the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, we are taking steps to protect the health of our team members and reduce the need for people to come into our offices. As a result, there may be some temporary limitations and delays in support as we prioritize critical services.”

Google My Business App Q&A feature-

“Most likely, Google is doing this because they want to make sure that the information provided is valid and from trusted sources. I can only imagine how quickly the Q&A could potentially get out of hand if they allowed anyone to answer questions.” The reviews and Q&A will not be published, and existing views will be view.

Business Information:-

Google’s prioritization of critical services will also extend to reviewing business information edits.
This includes reviews for:

  1. Changes to open and closed states
  2. Special hours
  3. Temporary closures
  4. Business descriptions
  5. Business attributes

If your business does not provide a critical health-related service, then it may be some time before you see any edits go live on your GMB listing.

Claims, and Verifications

The support team will prioritize reviewing new listings, claims, and verifications for critical health-related businesses.
That means, with Google prioritizing critical services, other types of businesses can expect a delay for publication of new listings, claims, and verifications.

Posts Not Affected

The company is not restricting Google My Business App Posts’ functionality. That means, if you have new updates to share with your customers, you can still use your GMB listing to publish posts. That may change as time goes on, however, as these are unpredictable times we’re living through. Take advantage of Google Posts while it’s still available.

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