WhatsApp Will Take You To Court If You Send Bulk Messages


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WhatsApp vows to sue users for ‘abuse’ – even if evidence of the offence is found on another app, website or social network.

The company has promised to take legal action against people or companies who break its rules – even if the ‘abuse’ took place on another platform.

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has announced that it will take legal action against individuals and companies, who misuse the app or send messages to a lot of people in violation of its terms and conditions. In its updated “Unauthorized usage of WhatsApp” policy the company has announced that entities or individuals engaged in activities such as sending bulk or automated messaged would face legal action from December 7 onwards.

Actions Taken

  1. The company then decided to limit the feature of message forwarding to five people only. But seems like people are still finding illegal ways to go about it. Facebook-owned Whatsapp has now decided to take legal action against people for such unauthorized usage. This will include forwarding bulk messages and using Whatsapp for reasons other than personal use.
  2. The messaging app has strict guidelines governing its own users’ behaviour and anyone who breaks the terms of service can already be hit by a ban.
  3. But now the Facebook-owned company wants to take things a bit further by hauling users into court.

And you don’t need to break the rules on WhatsApp itself to find yourself in trouble, because its enforcers will strike even they find ‘off platform-evidence of abuse’.

It wrote: ‘WhatsApp is committed to using the resources at its disposal – including legal action – to prevent abuse that violates our terms of service, such as automated or bulk messaging, or non-personal use.

“WhatsApp will take legal action against those engaged in or assisting others in the abuse that violates our Terms of Service, such as automated or bulk messaging, or non-personal use, even if that determination is based on information solely available to us off our platform,” it said.


WhatsApp clearly stated that its products are not intended for bulk or automated messaging and these are against its terms of service.

The update has come as there were reports a few months ago that the WhatsApp was misused during Lok Sabha elections through free clone apps and via a US$14 (RM58) software tool that allowed users to automate the delivery of bulk messages.

The company has been under fire from the Indian government over fake news and false information being circulated on WhatsApp.

In a similar crackdown last year, the San Francisco-based company had restricted the forwarding of messages to only five users after a spate of mob lynchings were linked to fake messages circulated on WhatsApp groups.

The government had issued a stern warning to the company to clamp down on fake messages designed to “provoke” and “instigate” people.


‘This is why in addition to technological enforcement, we also take legal action against individuals or companies that we link to on-platform evidence of such abuse. WhatsApp reserves its right to continue taking legal action in such circumstances.’

It was about time WhatsApp put down its foot down to tackle the problem of the spread of misinformation… at least in the form of bulk messages.

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