Truecaller Plan to launch Audio and video Calling.

Truecaller Plan to launch Audio and video Calling.

Trucaller is basically an app which tells us about the caller id. The Sweden-based company has been aggressively entering new spaces and is attempting to be what some may refer to as a super app.

But now Truecaller is planning to launch additional feature of calling and video calling on the app. On the app’s latest beta build (version no. 10.31.6) for Android, Truecaller has brought its own implementation of audio calls. The feature arrives as Truecaller does away with the long-standing Google Duo integration which allowed users to instantly fire up video chats. A single tap will allow you to simply call and video call to the other person and it will sync to the other contacts as your primary phone app. But the present, it doesn’t have a video option.

Since Google Duo is no longer present on Truecaller, we expect video calls to land soon enough too. The beta testing calls were crisp and clear it remains to be seen whether that will hold true for weaker connections – something at which both Google Duo and WhatsApp excel. The app can show whether the caller is on an active call and can switch between SMS and IM, send flash messages. It displays quick links to apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Truecaller Plan to launch Audio and video Calling.


You can sign up for the early access channel from the Play Store. To do that, tap the Play Store icon and go to the Truecaller listing. There, scroll down until you find the Join Beta button. Hit that and wait for an update and the public update will most likely take a handful of weeks.

The problem of the company:-

It is known how many users will use True caller beyond its caller ID abilities –

which itself doesn’t require them to open the app at all once they’re through the setup process. Truecaller is also running a risk of cluttering its main app that is already suffering from performance issues.

Another problem is privacy the company has to do something by mentioning their chats are end-to-end encrypted and to hammer home the security question. Another problem is revenue it steps foot in various sectors, the company has tried to convince its users to pay with new plans and some additions were made premium to make customers subscribe. Back in February, Truecaller said there are now over half a million premium subscribers but that’s even less than 1% of its total base.

Thus the true caller is facing problems hampering by users perception. Truecaller’s a new set of features to soar. Whether in-house audio and video calls change that, we can only wait and watch.

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