These 5 Applications Everyone Should Know About

5 Applications Everyone Should Know About

There is a massive amount of new app releasing every day but there are few of them which get our attention. Many of them are amazing but most of us haven’t heard about them.  

1.) Skiplagged:

There is a less known area of flight bookings called Hidden City flights. These are flights that can be booked more cheaply than usual ones because they befall as layovers to other destinations. It’s a complex process, but essentially, Skiplagged filters through all the feasible combinations to get users the cheapest flights possible. 

2.) Rando:

It is an entertaining app. It provides you with a fun and exciting way to connect with people from around the globe. You take a random picture of anything you want and in a few seconds you’ll receive a random picture from a stranger. You get to see different pics from around the world. 

3.) SleepBot:

Most of us don’t get the sleep we deserve. This sleep tracker at SleepBot uses movement and soundtracking program to provide a thorough analysis of your sleep cycle—average sleep time, sleep deficit, sleep trends, etc.—and collects detailed reports to help you get the sleep you need. 

4.) RunPee

RunPee is an app that shows you the ideal time to run to the restroom during your movie  and gives you a summary of what you’ve missed when you come back. It’s the best app for cinema lovers. 

5.) Wakie

Wakie is a wakeup call service. You select a time to get a call, go to sleep, and let the app starts doing its thing. But here’s the interesting part: When the scheduled time reaches a random stranger calls you and talks to you until you get ready to start your work. 

There are numerous amazing apps out there. However, their application is generally limited to the practices of the people using them. Using some unknown apps which are interesting can give you some amazing vibes. Have some fun.

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