Netflix’s new feature Provides a Screen Lock, Prevents Accidental Touches on Android.

netflix screen lock

New feature available – Screen Lock 

Netflix being the most popular movie and TV show streaming service in the world is available across a different variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, televisions, and computers. Netflix has provided a new feature of ‘Screen lock support’ in the interest of the people who watch a lot of it on an Android device. The new feature is out now for the Netflix app on and is available across most compatible Android devices through a server-side change. Screen lock is meant to prevent accidental touches while watching movies or TV shows on Netflix app.  

Two-step process 

When watching Netflix on Android, its users will see a button in the on-screen controls called ‘Screen Lock’, featuring turn off of all on-screen controls, leaving the only button to unlock the screen. A two-step process, confirming whether to unlock controls through a second tap, making the user’s watching experience better. 

Prevents accidental touches  

When the screen lock feature is active, it’s still possible to zoom in and out, use Android navigation buttons or gestures to exit, while most of the controls including play, pause, forward, rewind, playback speed, audio and subtitle settings, and the playback timeline are disabled, preventing the accidental touches for most things on the screen of handheld devices 

Feature unavailable for iOS right now 

The similar screen lock feature was seen earlier with VLC Player too, which prevents the use of screen while videos are playing. This feature is very useful if you have children over, and they keep watching children content as this will prevent curious fingertips from turning the video off. The screen lock feature is unavailable on iOS for now.

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