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Instagram user update app for new quiz stickers!!!

Instagram the popular social networking app has come up with new stickers for stories after a long while Last year we saw a bunch of them — emoji slider, Question stickers and polls.

As the name says that it will be a quiz sticker that will allow the users to quiz their followers regarding anything with multiple choice answer.
one has to choose between the correct answer and the user can also feed the correct answer. The option will change colour to green on tap, and red when the option is right or wrong.


The users can do multiple things with the stickers by organising polls for their followers for different things and the followers have to choose up between the multiple choices. The feature has already launched in case you are not seeing it yet, you should get it latest by the end of this week. The feature is both for IOS and Android.

Using the sticker is quite an easy Launch Instagram, open Stories (by tapping on the camera icon on the top left of the app), click or add pictures to Stories, and swipe up or tap on the Stickers icon on the top. There, you will now see a new Quiz sticker. Tap on that to add it to your story. Now you can modify according to your needs like you can simply ask your favourite song from the followers and followers can reply by tapping the options.

And like the polls stickers, your friends will be able to see the post in stories and will be able to rely on it and you can see their answers.

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