Have you heard about WhatsApp’s new feature?


A few weeks back there WhatsApp was rumored to be increasing their number of participants in a Group Call, either a video call or the audio call. Now WhatsApp had come up with the beta version having this feature with an increasing number of participants. Now you can have more peoples while having group calls, the number of participants has been increased to 8, but as of now, this feature is available for WhatsApp beta users. 

Who spotted it first? 

The first one who had spotted it was famed tipster WABetaInfo, this new of WhatsApp with the increased number of participants is now live on the beta version of WhatsApp(beta version 2.20.133) on android platform. If we talk about iOS, it is available on version But if we talk about the current scenario, this feature has not been rolled out publicly, and that is just because of the COVID-19 situation. If you are also waiting for it, it will surely be reaching to you sooner rather than later. 

How do we do it? 

So, if you also want to place a group call with more than 4 participants (as we already have known about 8 participants), you just need to follow some instructions given below. 

  • Hop into Group conversation. 
  • At the top right corner, you can see the call button. 
  • Once you’ve selected it, now choose the people you want to invite for the call. 

Note: You are allowed to add up to 7 participants as by counting yourself too, the total number of people will be 8. 

If you require to begin a group call with somebody whom you don’t share a group, then you can head to the ‘Calls’ tab. Hit the ‘call’ bubble at the bottom right corner and select the ‘New group call’ option. Once you’ve done the previous steps, pick the participants, start a video/audio call. 

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