Google Play Is Full Of FaceApp Copies, The App That Makes You Old

FaceApp Viral age filter app

Unless you live in a cave or lack of friends with a smartphone, I’m sure you heard about the latest viral application, FaceApp. It is not a new application since it has been in the Play Store since 2017, but recently it exploded thanks to the aging filter update. It is so realistic that it has captivated millions of people. And not only people …

As often happens when an application is successful, there are many copies that try to add to the popularity of the software that succeeds in order to scrape part of that triumph. Analyzing the tops of applications in the Google Play Store is easy to find many apps that offer the hook of aging. Even an app that directly shoots the name of the original has been uploaded to the top 2 of applications.

Do not confuse Face App with FaceApp: The first is a copy that has already won 1 million downloads

FaceApp Viral age filter app

Being honest, it’s not that FaceApp did anything original at the time because the application concept with aging filters is almost as old as photography applications. What does have merit is its quality when applying the filter: if you have tried faceApp recently you will have verified in the first person that aging is so real that it is scary. And of course, the application has become the fashion game among friends, co-workers, and family.

FaceApp is in the top position of Google Play Store. The funny thing is that in position number 2 is Face App, your application copies that, as you can imagine, does not get anywhere near the same results. In fact, it could be a fraud, as they are responsible for reviewing the comments. FaceApp is developed by FaceApp Inc. Beyond the privacy doubts that are arising after its recent success, FaceApp is an application that has fun for a while and for which no need to register or pay a penny. Neither offers to advertise.