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Indian food tech unicorn Zomato has just announced a successful test delivery using drones in India. In the run, the drone covered a distance of 5 kilometres in about 10 minutes. With a peak speed of 80 kmph, carrying a load of 5 kgs.

About the company

Zomato, the online ordering and food delivery platform, on Wednesday announced that it has successfully tested its drone delivery technology. The test, which was conducted using a hybrid drone, was a part of the company’s attempts to reduce the time taken to make a food delivery to its customers. It comes months after Zomato had acquired Lucknow-based drone startup TechEagle to reduce food delivery times and solve other issues like pollution and traffic. Zomato also revealed that it is forming a consortium as per Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) guidelines. To carry out experimental Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations.

Key feature:-

  1. The drone was reportedly tested by Zomato last week
  2. Zomato hasn’t revealed the location where the drone-delivered the order
  3. Notably, Zomato had acquired drone startup TechEagle in late 2018

Statements from the company

“The only possible way to reduce the average 30.5 minutes to 15 minutes is to take the aerial route – roads are not efficient for very fast delivery. We have been working towards building sustainable and safe delivery technology and with our first successful test. Food delivery by drones is no longer just a pipe dream,” said Deepinder Goyal, founder and CEO, Zomato.

“They are also capable of taking off vertically like a helicopter, transiting to an aeroplane mode to cover the distance and then switching back to helicopter mode for vertical landing without requiring any airstrip,” said Zomato.

While regulatory hurdles are not trivial, and the government’s concerns need to be looked at from various (valid) points of view, the tech is ready to fly and I am confident that drone delivery will be commonplace sooner rather than later.”The hybrid drone with a fusion of rotary wing and fixed wings carried a payload of five kg. Fully automated, each drone is currently being tested with (remote) pilot supervision to ensure safety. Over time, as the company collects more data, it is likely to do away with pilot supervision.

Reason behind Idea

Considering the increasing congestion on roads and pollution, using drones for delivery could be a game changer for metro cities. As it would help scrape unnecessary traffic off the roads and direct it skyward, the company added. Zomato is now looking to comply with the laws to incorporate drones into food delivery. “Zomato is forming a consortium as per DGCA’s guidelines to carry out experimental Beyond Visual Line Of Sight operations,” the company said.

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