Facebook has Debuted the messaging app ‘Messenger Kids’ in India

Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids in India and 75 other countries 

Facebook has debuted the messaging app ‘Messenger Kids’ in India specially designed for kids under 13, which was initially launched back in December 2017, in the US. On Wednesday, Facebook announced the expansion of its Messenger Kids app to over 70 countries worldwide with the aim to make it reach among young users. The app has received the ability to let kids connect with groups as well as additional parental controls over their activity.  

New Feature added in Messenger Kids 

The app Messenger Kids was launched back in 2017, in the US; however, the latest announcement has expanded the app to over a total of 75 countries. In addition, the app has been updated with new features over those that were announced last in February this year. One of them is the addition of Supervised Friending that enables parents to choose to allow their kids to accept, reject, add, or remove contacts, while maintaining the ability to disallow any new contact approvals from the Parent Dashboard. Though this feature will gradually reach other markets, it is already rolling out in the US. 

Parents will approve the contacts to be added 

With parents’ approval, the option to allow kids to be added to a group from teachers and coaches has been provided by Facebook on the app. This feature is useful during current pandemic times as kids are at home and mainly studying through virtual classes. Hence, they can be a part of a group where teachers can connect and provide them with learning materials. 

Easier for kids to connect with friends 

Whenever new contacts are added, parents will also be notified and can manage the list of contacts directly from the Parent Dashboard. Also, to note that once joined a group, users will be able to chat with each other individually, while interacting with adults moderating the group. The app also has an option to let kids leave any groups by their choice. It has also provided the option to find and connect with their friends easily. 

The design and the philosophy of the app encourage kids to enter the world of social media networks.

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