‘DARK MODE’ In Facebook Messenger is Now Available For All Users

dark mode facebook Messenger

Facebook introduced a dark mode feature to its Messenger app back in 2018. But, at the time, it was open for testing by select users in only a handful of countries.

Back in March this year, that feature was opened up to all users. However, getting to it wasn’t as simple as flicking a toggle. It had to be sneakily activated by sending a message containing a crescent moon emoji (who thought that was a good idea anyway ?).

Anyone using the Facebook Messenger app will now be able to activate ‘dark mode’ by heading to the settings pane. (which can be accessed by tapping on the profile picture on the app) where a ‘dark mode’ toggle switch is available right up top.

The dark theme is great for chatting indoors and reducing screen glare. But Google says it also helps conserve battery on Android devices. As it requires the device lesser power for the screen to display black.

If you don’t see the toggle switch right away, try updating the app or wait for a couple of days. Facebook has confirmed that the feature is rolling out to both iOS and Android devices starting today.

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