Neuralink: Elon Musk Aims To Connect Brain With Artificial Intelligence


Two years ago, Elon Musk started Neuralink, a project-oriented to the development of brain-computer interfaces. It is not given any information about it until the webcast event. To realize his goal of directly linking the human brain with artificial intelligence software, Musk hired a group of notable university neuroscientists.

Since then, speculations about the type of technology that Neuralink would be preparing for the demonstration have been varied. One of which suggests the sample of a high-bandwidth connection made to the brain of a monkey, in order to record the activity in simultaneous of all the neural network.

Among the questions that the scientific community raises around Musk’s idea is: What function will Neuralink’s brain interface really have? and do you have the necessary technology to achieve it?


In the webcast event, it is mentioned that Musk is developing a high-density recording technology with Neuralink. Tim Hanson, one of the co-founders of Neuralink, believes that Neuralink technology will be more appropriate to perform scientific research on animals first.

On the other hand, it is likely that Neuralink, in its efforts to make communication between the brain and artificial intelligence possible. It is injecting flexible wire electrodes into the brain of a monkey as a sewing machine. This can register the activity from a concentrated number of neurons at a time.

Although it is not official, Neuralink could be a big part of the revelation in sending of data wirelessly through brains, what we call them a reality in Telepathy. Anyhow, it likely ends up with challenging the technological conventions known till today.