Impact of Artificial Intelligence – Job Losses?

impact of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or simply ‘AI,’ is a term used to describe artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, as the term implies, refers to a machine’s ability to think like a human. In the mid-1950s, Artificial Intelligence was discovered. We never imagined that a machine could perform tasks such as self-driving a car, playing chess, and so on before Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has a tremendous impact in the industrial field. Companies increase their output levels after implementing Artificial Intelligence. They practically doubled or nearly tripled their product production.

We only noticed an increase in manufacturing speed and profit. However, there is a problem: the person who worked at that location prior to the machine must go because there is no work for him because Artificial Intelligence now performs all of his tasks. Many people no longer have jobs, and those who still have jobs are more likely to be dismissed when a machine arrives at their workplace.

Positive Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employment-

1. Artificial Intelligence is still in its infancy. It can be improved in a variety of ways, necessitating the formation of an Artificial Intelligence development and research team. The demand for employees in the field of artificial intelligence is high.

2. Artificial Intelligence has created new career prospects in robotics and AI device maintenance, which can only be done by professionals who are familiar with these technologies.

3. There are numerous working sectors on an AI device, such as data analysis, virtual imaging, and many others, and to develop a useful AI device, a huge number of competent professionals are required, which creates job chances for many individuals.

4. When a guy gets a job, he does the same work all of the time. Professionals in the Artificial Intelligence field, on the other hand, must be creative and conceive of new ideas before implementing them in order to create a useful AI gadget.

Negative Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employment-

1.) Many individuals, such as those who worked in a factory or in the supply chain, have lost their jobs as a result of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has taken the work of truck, bus, and taxi drivers in just a few years.

2.) According to a study, Artificial Intelligence will cause roughly 30% of current employees to lose their jobs by 2030.

3.) Artificial Intelligence has both positive and negative effects on jobs. It will create new opportunities for professionals while eliminating positions for laborers. However, at the moment, labor employees outnumber professionals and skilled workers.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in our Everyday lives-

1. People’s habits alter dramatically as they use machines to complete their tasks. They just programme a machine to do the task that machines do. It causes humans to become more and more lazy than ever before.

2. Poor people’s work is now done by machines, thus their earnings are lower, making their lives even worse.

3. Because machines now do the majority of the labor and do not require a salary, investors made more money. It will widen the divide between the rich and the poor.


The ultimate conclusion concerning artificial intelligence is that we require it in our daily lives in order to save time. However, because too much of anything is hazardous, we must apply artificial intelligence in moderation in our daily lives. We must also increase artificial intelligence’s quality so that it does not damage people in the future.

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